Communiqué: Network Revolutionary Cells claim arson of police car


On Friday 15th May a cop car parked outside the police station on Hostivařska Road in Prague was set on fire. This is the result of premeditated sabotage carried out by the M.A.P. cell. We were following the actions of the Network of Revolutionary Cells, but hesitated before turning our anger into direct action of attack. For a long time we were tormented by fear and indecision.

Then a change of direction happened. On 28th April the police launched an attack on the anarchist movement of the country we live in,and this facilitated our decision to act. We think other choices of this kind will follow. Perhaps a burnt out police car represents just a small step compared with what must be done to put an end to capitalism.

But this step opens new possibilities to us. And it was inaccessible to us as long as we were incapable of going beyond the limits of protests, which bark a lot but don’t bite our enemies. We have broken the chains of bourgeois morality.
For the State and capital we are no longer harmless hot air merchants. We are becoming a threat, because we have started destroying what is destroying us.

And it’s just the beginning! The struggle continues!

M. A. P. Cell / Network of Revolutionary Cells / SRB