Attack on camera and toll booth


We were inspired by several communiques that recently disrupted the reformist stereotypical anarchist movement. We add the following to the Network Revolutionary Cells. Our first act was an attack on CCTV. We caused material damage to structures and businesses that benefit from watching people to gain profit. Furthermore, we believe that CCTV is used as an alibi against direct action. Cameras are not omnipotent.

The slogan of our time is constant movement. This effort to build an absolute fluidity and mobility of all is subject to constant supervision. All movements are controlled, monitored and recorded. Hundreds of thousands of cameras that guard our lives constantly remind us that the ‘decent citizens’ have nothing to fear, especially those restrained many who bow their heads accordingly. However, not everyone is willing to simply survive and bow before the the law, some of us prefer to listen to the voice of our hearts which carries the fire of anarchy. some of us took the fire from our hearts and materialised it into an incendiary bomb and placed it into the toll gate service boxes on the highway near the town of Zlin. For a few moments on the night of May 8th 2014, the night was illuminated with the dust of our enemies. Extended and stronger, we grow into an infinitely expanding network of revolutionary cells.

Network Revolutionary Cells – 8. 5. 2014